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Bacteria in Oilfield Waters and Why They Should Be Controlled

Operation and Maintenance Costs for Chlorination

Chesapeake Bay Community Meets Space and Budget Requirements with New Arsenic Removal System

Application Spotlight: Produced Water Treatment & Recycling

Product Spotlight: The De Nora SORB 33® Arsenic Removal System

How to Prolong the Life of Your Gas Chlorinator

Oxidative Treatment of Produced Water with Sodium Hypochlorite

Chloramination Control in Drinking Water

Application Spotlight: Injection Wells

Case Study: Optimizing Arsenic Treatment System Yields Significant Cost Savings

The Health Risks Associated with Arsenic in Drinking Water

Can innovation be achieved with a tried-and-true disinfection technology?

Efficacy of Ozone to Reduce Chlorinated Disinfection By-Products

Reducing GAC Consumption with Ozone Article By Tony Sacco, Spartan Technologies

Choosing the Right Water Disinfection

Q & A: How to Destroy Pathogens and Micro-pollutants with Ozone?

Ozone Fundamentals for Water Treatment

Case Study: Ozone Generators | Como, Italy

The Status of Chlorate Regulations & Impact on Water Treatment - MIOX

Maintaining Your Capital Equipment

Future-proofing Water Disinfection for Chlorate Regulation

Status of Chlorate Regulations & Impact on Water Treatment - ClorTec

Mixed Oxidant Solution: Frequently Asked Questions

On-Site With Sodium Hypochlorite Generation

Maintaining Your Capital Equipment

7 Things to Consider with Brine Electrochlorination Systems

Cobb County Expands “excellent production of potable water” with New ClorTec® DNOSHG System

Capital Controls® Ozone Generation: Advanced Oxidation for Industrial Water Treatment

On-site But Out of Mind — Getting Extra Mileage Out of Your OSHG System

An Award-Winning 2018 Plant Expansion Increases Water Treatment Capacity in Growing Maricopa County, AZ

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