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Application Spotlight: Produced Water Treatment & Recycling

Jul 30, 2020 12:19:00 PM / by De Nora

Though freshwater has traditionally been the primary vehicle for hydraulic fracturing well completion, a variety of stressors are driving exploration and production (E&P) companies to increase their use of produced water. These stressors include freshwater availability and use in E&P operations, increased costs associated with the acquisition of fresh water, and the costs and regulatory limits on the disposal of produced water.


While the chemicals used to condition water for hydraulic fracturing have overcome several initially observed issues, produced water still needs to be treated to optimize well stimulation and production. Commonly, these treatment objectives include the elimination of oilfield bacteria and the removal of hydrogen sulfide, iron, and suspended solids from the water. 

Sodium hypochlorite produced by De Nora’s ClorTec electrochlorination systems can facilitate these goals using the safest and most cost-effective chemicals available in the oilfield.

Populations of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRBs), acid-producing bacteria (APBs), and iron-reducing bacteria (IRBs) can all be readily controlled by treating produced water with sodium hypochlorite. When these bacteria are removed from produced water, risks of well souring due to hydrogen sulfide production, formation plugging due to biofilm formation, and equipment loss due to microbial induced corrosion are all minimized.

Sodium hypochlorite can also be used to oxidize hydrogen sulfide and reduced iron in the water directly. Additionally, oxidized iron can help facilitate the removal of suspended solutions through a coagulation/flocculation process. Removing these contaminants from produced water eliminates safety hazards and decreases issues related to iron scale formation and formation plugging.

Overall, De Nora ClorTec electrochlorination systems deliver the safest oilfield oxidizing chemistry at the lowest per barrel price available. Contact De Nora today to see how we can help with your produced water recycling challenges.

What Does Your Water Need? 

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