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Capital Controls® Emergency Gas Scrubbers Lead the Way

Sep 13, 2021 4:24:23 PM / by William Stimeling

Tens of thousands of plants use chlorine gas to disinfect their community’s drinking water. And while regulations may vary by individual geographies, there’s no question that if you’re going to use chlorine gas, Gas Scrubbers are an essential component for the safety of your plants, the environment, and humans. In the unlikely event of a chlorine gas leak, you need to rely on a proven, safe technology. When called into action, Gas Scrubbers must work as intended. That’s why you can depend on Capital Controls—a brand synonymous with safe and robust gas chlorination equipment for Gas Feeders and Scrubbers. Our industry experts are uniquely qualified to specify, customize, and deliver the appropriate gas scrubber solutions for you—as well as test your media and provide maintenance.

Celebrating Our 60th Anniversary, Capital Controls® Has A Lot to Be Proud Of.

  • We are the only supplier of every type of scrubber technology—offering wet, wet packless, and dry models. 
  • Capital Controls uses superior materials of construction in our gas feeders: solid silver rate valves, instead of plastic, for dimensional stability. Our Halar® diaphragms and Tantalum springs are guaranteed for life.
  • Our scrubbers are designed for true emergency scrubbing —using ejector venturis and packed towers that begin scrubbing immediately when turned on, no start-up delays to irrigate packed beds
  • We offer a  low-profile multi-venturi packless scrubber—with a small footprint for those with smaller storage rooms
  • Our  one-ton scrubbers are designed and tested for a 437 pound/minute worst case leak rate scenario and have been full scale tested, test reports are available
  • We have the experience, having installed multiple high capacity scrubbers that can handle up to 90 tons
    Get Peace of Mind Knowing Your Dry Scrubber Media Is Safe and Effective.

    Dry scrubbers are a great choice. They are safe, user-friendly, low maintenance systems tested and proven for use in municipal and industrial applications where the potential exists for the accidental release of hazardous gases. However, your dry scrubber is only as reliable as the media inside. Be aware that even a small, undetected gas leak could cause media fouling. 

    Protect your assets and stay safe by enrolling in our
    Dry Scrubber Media Testing Program. 

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Remove a small sample of the media from several locations in your dry scrubber from the media sample ports.
    2. Send the samples to De Nora.
    3. In approximately three weeks, De Nora will contact you to confirm the condition of your current media.

    The program cost is just $295 (USD)–a small price to pay to sleep better at night. Sign up today (provide link).

    What If Your Plant Uses A High Capacity  Wet Scrubber?
    If your plant uses a  wet scrubber, keeping current with maintenance is not a choice—it’s an imperative. To help meet your maintenance requirements, you’ll want to enroll in our annual checkup program to test your pumps, blowers, sensors, and other components. The caustic itself can also get contaminated or fouled, so that should also be on the checklist as well. 

    Do You Own An Older Model Of One Of Our Competitor’s Low Profile Wet Scrubbers?
    Since many have or are about to have reached the end of their useful lives, we would like the opportunity to replace them with our superior Dry Scrubber technology. Learn more about our upgrade/replacement program by contacting us. (Contact your regional manager? link to something or someone to contact)

    View Our Product Line Up.

    Capital Controls® Dry Emergency Scrubber (DES)
    The DES400 is designed to treat a chlorine release from 150 lb. cylinders at a room exhaust rate of 400 CFM .  The DES3000 is designed to treat a chlorine release from one- ton containers at a room exhaust rate of 3000 to 5000 CFM.

    Capital Controls® Dry Emergency Scrubber Low Profile (DLP) 
    The DLP is a low-profile version of the DES3000 and is designed to replace horizontal cross-flow wet scrubbers at an installed cost about the same as a new wet scrubber with substantial opex savings. . 

    Capital Controls® Ejector-venturi Packed Tower Series (EPT)
    The EPT 3000 and 5000 are designed to neutralize a one ton  container with a leak rate of up to 437 lb/min throughout the leak event. An EPT 5000 system is normally considered only when the gas capacity needs to be split between two or more rooms or if a single room volume exceeds 50000 cu ft.

    Larger High Capacity Requirements
    For capacities up to 90 ton rail cars, consult De Nora for dimensions, specifications, and details of multi-ton wet EPT Series emergency gas scrubbers.

    About Our Expert

    When it comes to keeping the world’s largest water and wastewater treatment facilities safe with current technology and steadfast maintenance, look to Bill Stimeling, De Nora’s Product Technology Manager. In addition to being our expert for Capital Controls products, Bill is a trusted resource who advises customers on how to keep their equipment properly maintained in the event of an emergency. To follow the latest trends and product advancements regarding Capital Controls Gas Feeders and Emergency Scrubbers, connect with Bill on LinkedIn.

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