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Capital Controls® Ozone: Protect Your Advanced Oxidation Investments

Nov 15, 2021 4:19:00 PM / by Stanley Shima

Ozone is a fast-growing, premium option for municipal water and wastewater, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical applications worldwide, and De Nora Capital Controls provides powerful oxidation solutions to meet these needs. If you are one of the growing number of facilities committed to ozone, you want it to perform well—specifically, run at optimal levels at the lowest possible operating costs. With over 1000 installations worldwide, De Nora is one of the pioneers of both ozone and advanced oxidation treatment solutions, offering robust systems capable of producing 6,000 pounds of oxidant per day (113 kg/h).

Particularly in the last decade, there has been a significant push for ozone-based technologies due to water scarcity, as well as the environment impetus for water re-use. To produce water for re-use, you need strong oxidants plus disinfectants to clean the water, and ozone is one of the strongest oxidants available. Additionally, AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) has become more prevalent because it produces an even stronger oxidant than ozone alone, called hydroxyl radicals, which are made from ozone plus hydrogen peroxide. As global trends continue to push for higher standards for cleaner and cleaner water, more industries are choosing AOP. Regardless of your oxidant choice, you need high-quality, sophisticated ozone generation equipment that must be well-maintained to operate at optimum levels—and that’s where De Nora comes in.

De Nora Aftermarket Services
We have the services and worldwide support team to ensure that you protect your investment and operate at optimal levels.
Technical Service and User Training Anywhere in The World. De Nora factory-trained technicians can train your employees on how to properly use and maintain your equipment. De Nora provides service 24/7, so that you can reach us when you need us.
Spare Parts and Consumables Direct from De Nora. Only OEM parts are guaranteed to the original specifications and tolerances for exact form, fit, and function.
Upgrades and Retrofits. De Nora will guide you through the process of bringing your facility up to current specifications. This is an excellent option for many of our customers with older equipment or increased ozone needs.
Asset Management Solutions. De Nora can help to assess the performance of your water treatment system with respect to your current—and future—capacity and quality goals.

Want to make sure we’re on your schedule? Try one of our annual maintenance plans. With all of the equipment that comprises your ozone systems (pumps, compressors, water chillers, heat exchangers, sensors, etc.) annual maintenance makes the most sense. In addition, your ancillary equipment needs attention or replacement parts, such as seals, dielectrics, and fuses, which are all part of the plan. Most importantly, we perform inspections and optimization/calibration testing to make sure everything is running at its best. Is your maintenance department short on staff? Yet another reason to consider outsourcing the care of your ozone systems to De Nora, or at a minimum, purchase the OEM parts and service from us. Download our Maintenance Checklist to help keep your equipment in tip-top shape!

Contact De Nora to ask about our aftermarket services and maintenance plans.

About Our Expert: Stan Shmia, Product Technology Manager
Trained as a mechanical engineer with an MBA in product management, Stan has spent his entire career supporting products and technology in the field. In his role at De Nora, he is in constant communications with global sales teams to solve unique situations. Stan is the ‘go to guy’ to ensure customers are selecting the right technology, all the time. He keeps current with industry trends in disinfection and global health issues through his participation in the Water Environment Federation (WEF). Stan is well-aware of what’s at the forefront of technology and what others are doing with respect to emerging contaminants and public policy. Follow Stan on LinkedIn to stay informed.

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