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Don’t Risk Violating Your IMO Certification. Use Real OEM Parts to Keep Your OMNIPURE™ Electrolytic Wastewater Treatment System in Tip Top Shape.

Apr 23, 2021 2:02:59 PM / by Dana Casbeer

OMNIPURE SocialPostYour electrolytic system is designed to be rugged and dependable, so make sure you protect your investment with OEM parts. Counterfeit and non-OEM components will not only nullify your warranty but will cause you to lose your IMO certification—adding a safety risk that no one in this industry can afford to take.

Don’t be deceived by look-a-likes. Many items offered in today’s marketplace ‘appear’ to be exact copies of certified OEM parts, so much so that an unsuspecting purchasing agent may not question their authenticity. Furthermore, many of these knockoffs are advertised as ‘same as original’ or ‘meets OEM standards’. However, the use of counterfeit parts could lead to operational equipment changes, premature breakdowns, and non-compliant effluent discharge values. The use of non-OEM parts can also result in potential fines and poor environmental-impact reviews if the equipment is outside the type certified or approved design. These are some of the potential consequences that mindful customers should not risk.

Meet De Nora’s global service and support team. Our aftermarket team is comprised of highly skilled technicians certified for working offshore—a differentiator that matters. Our experts have built many OMNIPURE systems over the course of several years, prior to servicing them. In short, we know our components and the regulations inside and out. There’s a lot we can do beyond supplying OEM replacement parts. Do you need help with implementing your annual refurbishment program? Is your system aging or having a particularly troublesome issue? Does your maintenance staff need a refresher course or other training? Do you need us to service a remote or difficult to reach location? Look no further than De Nora’s global aftermarket team for the best advice and product knowledge.

Do you have an older OMNIPURE system? Let us refurbish your system and get it working like new. Our certified technicians can upgrade your system to the most recent version, test and certify it, and extend your warranty. Our upgrade program applies to any model in the field, regardless of age. Learn more.

About our Experts
Dana Casbeer, our OMNIPURE Product Line Manager, has been with De Nora for almost a quarter of a century. A native of Houston, TX, he has an extensive background as a Mechanical Engineer installing, maintaining, and servicing offshore electrolytic systems for both offshore and marine customers. Follow him on LinkedIn to keep informed about the latest information for OMNIPURE.

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Dana Casbeer

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