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Keeping An Eye on Safety, Population Growth, and The Condition of Your Electrolytic Cell Will Keep Your MIOX® System—and Your Community—Happy and Running Efficiently

Oct 12, 2021 1:14:57 PM / by Jean-Paul Monali

For small -to medium-sized municipal water and wastewater facilities, keeping your operations running smoothly is imperative to serving your community, ensuring the safety of your plant and its workers, and keeping costs in line with your budget…or lower. As we all know, being proactive with any maintenance program is key to getting the longest life—and value—from your investment. At De Nora, we have a number of programs, and the experts to support you, available and easy to reach.

You are not alone. Over the past 5-10 year, many water treatment professionals have moved to OSG (on-site generators) to produce disinfection chemistry on-demand, leaving traditional oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides behind. The benefits speak for themselves: increased safety, elimination of storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals, high quality disinfection on demand, greener operations, and substantial savings. Now that you’ve made this investment, we would like you to consider how to best protect this valuable asset.

Is your equipment working at an optimum level of efficiency—or do you need assistance determining the benefits of doing so? If you haven’t had a De Nora technician inspect your MIOX equipment lately, now may be the time. As product experts, we can help determine if your MIOX mixed oxidant chemistry system is operating properly and if not, what it would take to repair, replace, or modify your equipment. 

Do you have new employees who need to be trained on safe and efficient operations? Or current employees who may need a refresher? Perhaps a maintenance contract is the right approach for you. With our engineering experts and technicians at hand, your employees will be better able to operate and maintain your system with confidence, regardless of whether you need assistance monthly, quarterly, annually, or at some other interval.

Is finding spare parts an issue? Which spare parts make sense to keep in inventory and which ones should be ordered from De Nora? Can you replace parts yourself or do you need help from our technicians? We have the parts you need within reach and quick delivery built within our service program.

Are you required to service more customers in a growing community or in need of a higher capacity system? If so, it may be time to consider an upgrade, or perhaps a different De Nora solution.

Is your system getting old? After about six or seven years, the voltage of your electrolytic cell may start to decline due to a number of factors, including the quality of your water—calcium and minerals being the main factors. For MIOX there is a salt specification, and the quality of that salt could also have an effect on the life of your cell.

Learn About Our Helpdesk

Our aftermarket service facility in Sugarland, Texas ships globally. While we have a good inventory of stock at our fingertips, we also can get you larger or specialty parts shipped to you directly from the vendor. Called Zendesk?, our team? monitors those emails through the app. Parts, materials, instructions for a procedure, or service. Our field service team…

What do you need to do to stay in service without any downtime? If it’s been a while since you’ve been in contact with De Nora, you can reach our service department at this link.

About Our Experts
Jean-Paul Monali is a mechanical engineer and has been with De Nora for twenty years. As part of the original ClorTec team in California, he has had hand-on experience in engineering and project management from the beginning. As Product Technology Manager for many of De Nora’s brands, including MIOX®, ClorTec®, OMNIPURE™, SANILEC®, and SEACLOR®, he works directly with the sales and project management teams that serve water and wastewater customers.

Dave McWalters has spent over 25 years with De Nora in the field—installing equipment, handling start-ups/commissioning, and servicing De Nora equipment. Today, he’s the aftersales manager with the primary responsibility of listening to customers’ concerns, overseeing solutions to meet EPA compliance, and managing the service department for De Nora globally.

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Jean-Paul Monali

Written by Jean-Paul Monali

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