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Safety and Performance Imperatives for Capital Controls® Gas Feed Equipment and MicroChem® Instrumentation

Dec 21, 2020 10:32:56 AM / by William Stimeling

Expert Interview with Bill Stimeling

Bill S. Photo REVWhen it comes to designing, maintaining, and troubleshooting gas chlorination systems at some of the world’s largest water and wastewater treatment facilities, operators look to Bill Stimeling, De Nora’s Product Technology Manager for Chlorination and Chlorine Dioxide products. Having started his career as a wastewater treatment plant operator in a small town, he joined Capital Controls Company in 1978 as a field service engineer. He advanced through a variety of positions from project management, Int’l Sales Director, APAC Sales Director and into Product Management. You could say that Bill has ‘seen it all and done it all’ having worked with consultants, contractors, plant operators, utilities, and municipalities at some of the largest and complex facilities in the U.S., Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. However, there’s more to our expert than meets the eye. Those who know Bill say he has a knack for walking into any facility and immediately sensing what’s wrong and how to rectify the situation—down to the part number.

Not only is Bill a huge supporter of gas chlorination, he’s an adamant proponent of the importance of preventative maintenance and keeping to a strict schedule of rebuilding, repairs, and replacements. “Gas chlorination is king. Most of the biggest facilities in the world use it and there are good reasons why. It’s still the most economical and reliable way to disinfect water.”

Utility operators’ biggest concerns are, and should be, safety and performance—in that order. We’ve all read news stories about what can happen when something goes wrong and think, “that disaster could have been avoided.” Many times, the cause is related to a lapse in maintenance.

The disinfection system is a relatively small part of an entire treatment facility, but the most important in terms of reliability. If disinfection isn’t working, the plant shuts down—or worse. Taking care of your plant is job one and that means having a reliable source for service whether that be through your distributor or De Nora. We can provide contract and demand service, training, parts, and the assurance that your gas feeders are working properly. Our professionally trained engineers and technicians can perform an assessment, help develop a maintenance schedule or, alternatively, do the maintenance work ourselves.

Furthermore, because regulations are a driver in our business, disinfection is a changing landscape that needs careful monitoring and quick action. For instance, the potential for EPA future limits on Chlorate, already recommended by the World Health Organization, will affect the entire industry. We are the experts and can offer all of the disinfection technologies and application know-how to help you achieve the safety and performance to support your treatment goals.

Aftersales service and support are among the many reasons that customers choose De Nora. We understand that your equipment has varying service needs depending on age, maintenance, application, and duty cycle. Please review our recommended safety schedule to better plan regular and ongoing maintenance or contact your De Nora specialist at

About Capital Controls® gas feed system

The Capital Controls® chlorination line includes custom-engineered gas feed systems with a full range of vacuum and pressure feeders, vaporizers, floor cabinets, wall panels, control valves, controllers, gas detectors, and emergency gas scrubbers for chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and carbon dioxide, with capacities to 10,000 lb/day (200 kg/h) .

About MicroChem® System

The MicroChem® water analysis system can be used as an analyzer, controller or both so you only need a single instrument, regardless of your need. The MicroChem® water analysis system is available packaged as a complete residual analyzer or as individual components, allowing flexible configurations to meet specific customer requirements.  

About De Nora

De Nora is the trusted brand for global water and wastewater disinfection, since 1960. We are in fact the pioneers of the all-vacuum feed chlorinator. We provide safe, simple, and reliable disinfection technologies. Our factory-trained technicians and engineers are available in your region to offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services to keep your equipment operating properly and safely.

* Regulations on the use of treatment or disinfection products in water treatment applications are country specific.  Please contact your De Nora regional sales office for further details.

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William Stimeling

Written by William Stimeling

De Nora Product Manager-Gas Feed and Chlorine Dioxide

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