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SANILEC® and SEACLOR® Upgrade and Retrofit Programs for Offshore O&G Operators

Mar 29, 2021 3:25:01 PM / by Jose Lopez

SEACLOR&SANITEC SocialPostAs a mechanical engineer and technology professional, who was also one of the original designers of SANILEC equipment in the early 2000s, Jose Lopez understands the piping and structural layouts of seawater electro-chlorination systems inside and out. Today, as the technology manager for both SANILEC and SEACLOR product lines, he is on a mission to make the maintenance and care of these critical systems readily accessible to offshore equipment owners everywhere.

For any near shore or offshore application—from power plant cooling to firewater circuits or any underwater equipment that has access to saltwater, De Nora is the electro-chlorination market leader. De Nora has been instrumental in making sure that essential Oil & Gas equipment stays clean and in optimum condition for almost 100 years—with performance, safety, and environmental concerns as top priorities.

De Nora Retrofit Programs
Extending the life of older equipment can help lower costs, and in many instances, keep your electro-chlorination system working as good as new. Many systems in the field, even those 20-25 years or older, have an excellent maintenance record. Form the retrofit perspective, for them maintenance is more about cell replacement every five to seven years. Other customers may be experiencing downsizing of their staff and need a remote monitoring capability—with the addition of automation, transmitters, and controls so the operator can monitor the health of a system from a single master control center. While remote monitoring has been in practice a very long time—primarily for status and alarms —De Nora can improve that automation by designing a box (seawater in/hypochlorite out), then sending the hypochlorite to ten or more different locations. Automating the process allows the operators to avoid isolating those valves—saving time, money, and unplanned outages.

Other older systems may be ready to change out their technology—either because they have outgrown their capacity and need more chlorination. These SANILEC customers may want to add an additional electrolyzer, or alternatively upgrade to the SEACLOR product line, which features a more compact design and the ability to produce higher capacities. Regardless, these are major decisions that take advanced planning and our field technicians are at the ready to review your specific requirements and make a recommendation.

Learn more about our Upgrade and Retrofit Programs

Regardless of your retrofit needs, these are major decisions that take advanced planning and our field technicians are at the ready to review your specific requirements and make a recommendation. Contact our global aftermarket service center at:

What’s New: Our Advanced Technologies
For SANILEC tube cells, our pipe coating is being adapted for a reverse current capability, which will automatically clean the tubes once a day. This in effect ‘shocks off the calcium’ so it can’t build up, eliminating the need for acid cleaning. This technology is available now. While retrofitting a unit does involve some work, need some mediation if an aftermarket installation is needed. We have to add a secondary panel to do the reversing. The cost/benefit for the operator for offshore market is well worth it. The price of the acid itself isn’t the problem; it’s one of the acid is a chemical and hard to get offshore (which can cost thousands and handled with care, let alone the paperwork required to get it to the platform and stored in a special location). The cost saving is the operational expenses, not the cost of the acid. Also, some operators don’t want chemicals on their platforms. At De Nora, we have the experience—this technology has been in place for several of its other products.

To keep informed about the latest developments for SANILEC, SEACLOR, and other electro-chlorination technologies from De Nora, follow Jose Lopez on LinkedIn.

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Jose Lopez

Written by Jose Lopez

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