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Keeping An Eye on Safety, Population Growth, and The Condition of Your Electrolytic Cell Will Keep Your MIOX® System—and Your Community—Happy and Running Efficiently

Oct 12, 2021 1:14:57 PM / by Jean-Paul Monali posted in safety, MIOX, on-site electrolytic generation


For small -to medium-sized municipal water and wastewater facilities, keeping your operations running smoothly is imperative to serving your community, ensuring the safety of your plant and its workers, and keeping costs in line with your budget…or lower. As we all know, being proactive with any maintenance program is key to getting the longest life—and value—from your investment. At De Nora, we have a number of programs, and the experts to support you, available and easy to reach.

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Future-proofing Water Disinfection for Chlorate Regulation

May 19, 2020 7:45:00 AM / by De Nora posted in sodium hypochlorite, MIOX, Third Chemical Contaminant List, chlorate, on-site electrolytic generation, Safe Drinking Water Act, EPA, WHO, bulk hypchlorite


Chlorate (ClO3-) continues to be a much-watched contaminant by both regulatory bodies and the water industry. With potential chlorate-producing processes in food preparation, agriculture, or within the water treatment process, scientific studies into this contaminant have increased in number and priority. 

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