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What are Mobile Treatment Units (MTU's) and how do they work?

Sep 1, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by De Nora posted in onshore, oil and gas


Mobile Treatment Units for disinfection of produced water in the Oil & Gas industry

Mobile Treatment Units (MTU's) are the safest and most effective oil field water treatment solution on the market today. A MTU is a self-contained system for the on-site generation of sodiium hypochlorite, an effective oxidizer that can be used to disinfect water used in hydraulic fracturing operations and do the heavy lifting in recycling produced water. MTU's are build in  standard C-containers, which are air-conditioned for a safer and more comfortable working environment, and the system comes with all of the equipment needed to generate and inject sodium hypochlorite as well as the testing equipment needed to monitor water treatment operations.

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