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SORB™ Technology Addresses Environmental, Regulatory, and Public Health Water Treatment Challenges

Jun 9, 2021 12:16:02 PM / by Nick Armstrong posted in water treatment, SORB, drinking water, Water filtration


Get to know De Nora expert, Nick Armstrong, Global Product Manager for the SORB™ family of products. With 15 years of experience under his belt, he recently joined De Nora from a background in the high purity industrial water space—providing solutions for pharmaceutical, semiconductor and power plant applications all over the world. His field is one where extreme purity counts. Now at De Nora, he’s managing our SORB contaminant removal line—targeting specific contaminants, like arsenic, iron, and manganese—as well as working toward developing new approaches to address emerging contaminate concerns globally. Today, Nick brings his passion for innovation to our entire SORB™ portfolio of solutions.

Worldwide, the need to convert contaminated water sources to usable water is growing. By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by water scarcity, with two-thirds of the world's population living in water-stressed regions as a result of use, growth, and climate change. With De Nora’s long standing history and excellent reputation as a innovator in water treatment technologies, we have the process knowledge, experience, and capabilities to specify, install, and maintain your passive arsenic adsorption system.

Keep Your SORB System in Prime Condition
Engineers, site managers, and maintenance personnel alike understand that proper operation and minimal maintenance of a treatment facility is critical. With our process guarantee, we can ensure optimal performance of a system for many years between media exchanges. That’s where our knowledge and service offerings come in. When you are ready, we can perform a complete media changeout, arranging for everything at your site in an efficient manner. We vacuum out the exhausted media, dispose of it at a landfill, and then commission your system so it’s ready for use. Regardless of whether or not we provided your initial system, we can extend our process guarantee with our service.
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About SORB 33
De Nora SORB 33® is a granular iron oxide media, specifically made for the removal of arsenic thru adsorption. Our SORB 33 systems employ a ‘pump and treat’ process that flows pressurized well or spring water through a fixed-bed pressure vessel containing the media where the arsenic removal occurs. SORB solutions are available in a range of sizes and configurations—designed to treat your specific flow rate and quality expectations.

Your media life will typically range from 6 months to 6 years, depending on water quality levels. Media usage, however, can be optimized in multiple parallel flow adsorber systems through staging, whereby each adsorber is staggered so one is operating in the latter stages of its life.

Although these systems are simple to operate, owners should consider a De Nora service agreement to support the most effective operation of the system and undertake media change-out when required.

The De Nora Commitment
With over two decades of demonstrated effectiveness, De Nora SORB adsorption and ion exchange systems can help solve environmental, regulatory, and public health water treatment challenges and is a best available technology (BAT) for many contaminants of concern. The innovation team at De Nora is continually seeking process improvements and are in a constant state of development to offer our customers even greater efficiencies.
To keep informed about the latest trends, follow Nick on LinkedIn.

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Approaches to Water Treatment for Arsenic

Aug 18, 2020 10:15:00 AM / by De Nora posted in arsenic, adsorption, reverse osmosis, activated alumina, coagulation filtration, ion exchange, SORB


Arsenic occurs naturally and is found in rocks and soil before being released into water supplies through erosion. Certain industrial practices, such as the production of paints and dyes, metals, soaps, drugs and wood preservatives, have the potential for releasing arsenic into the environment as a byproduct of the process. 

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Chesapeake Bay Community Meets Space and Budget Requirements with New Arsenic Removal System

Aug 4, 2020 10:15:00 AM / by De Nora posted in arsenic, SORB, chesapeake ranch water company, lusby


Caring for our community

Our Chesapeake Ranch Water Company (CRWC) owns and operates the potable-drinking-water system and fire protection for approximately 4,000 homes and businesses over five-square miles in scenic Lusby, Maryland. This community system supplies water to nearly 10,000 residents of Chesapeake Ranch Estates and an adjacent small retail section.

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Product Spotlight: The De Nora SORB 33® Arsenic Removal System

Jul 28, 2020 8:30:00 AM / by De Nora posted in arsenic, SORB, Bayoxide


There are various options available for Arsenic Removal ranging from ion exchange, activated alumina, reverse osmosis, coagulation/filtration, and, of course, adsorption. Today, we are going to walk you through the details of one of our favorite adsorption products, the SORB 33®. 

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Case Study: Optimizing Arsenic Treatment System Yields Significant Cost Savings

Jul 14, 2020 3:00:00 PM / by De Nora posted in arsenic, wastewater treatment, coagulation filtration, SORB, Arizona American Water, American Water, Surprize AZ, Bayoxide


According to the company’s website, American Water (AW) has been maintaining high-water-quality standards, dependable service, and finding ways to do it better since 1986. The country’s largest investor-owned water and wastewater utility company, AW serves the needs of 16 million customers in more than 1,600 communities across the United States. Arizona American Water, a wholly-owned subsidiary of America Water, is the largest investor-owned utility in Arizona, serving a population of approximately 350,000 in northwest Phoenix. 

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